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Iauctionx is a lottery company, licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Lottery Board. iAuctionX is a betting auction and casino gaming platform where every user has an equal opportunity and chance to win.
We offer the best betting platform experience that allows users to win BIG with just as little as ₦100, ₦200, ₦500 etc. Our automated selection system ensures that winners are randomly generated transparently with the use of a countdown timer. This is a concept supervised by the Lottery Board in Nigeria, that ensures an exciting and profitable realtime casino experience.
To participate, create a free account and fund your wallet for credits to play. Learn how to play! Get the App on Play Store.

An auction is a raffle draw game for an item displayed for grabs.

Bids are raffle tickets you buy when you enter or participate in an auction.

Winners are selected by an automated computer selection system controlled by a countdown timer. No human interference in any way. 100% automated.

'Enter Auction' means buying raffle tickets for the auctioned item. You could have a single winner or multiple winner after the draws, depending on the game settings.

Signup for an account!
Register and check your mail to confirm your account. if you can't find the mail, check spam box also.

Create your password from confirmation page. You're good to go!

Fund your account!
Login to your user account page, and deposit money in your wallet account via our secured payment platform. This money becomes your own credits that allows you the opportunity to buy bids for auctions and place bets for casino games of your choice.

How to play!
'Enter Auction' means buying raffle tickets to qualify for draws on the auctioned item. You could have a single winner or multiple winner after the draws, depending on the game settings. Once you successfully add funds (credits) to your wallet, and you're logged in, visit the games page and enter any of the auction raffles or stake bets for the Casino Games.

Winning rules!
When the number of needed bidders/participants is not reached for any auction, the winner of the auction raffle will be entitled to 70% of the total money realised from that auction.
Auction winners are randomly generated by a system once the countdown clock for that auction hits zero. In the casino games winners are determined instantly.

Claim your prizes!
The winner(s) will be displayed at the end of every lottery auction and a mail will be sent out to notify him/her of the prize won.

The e-wallet is a virtual storage of iAuctionX credits you buy from your Naira account. The credit value is the same as Naira value for the game. That is (1:1). Meaning =N=100 is equivalent to 100 credits, 1,000NGN is equivalent to 1,000 credits and so on. You use the credits in your e-wallet to buy bids and enter auctions. Once it's exhausted or goes below the minimum bid amount for the auction you want enter. You need to go to your account profile and add more funds (buy more credits).

You go to your user profile account to add funds to your e-wallet through our secured payment platform. Many options for payment to your e-wallet account are available; Card payments, USSD and Bank transfers.

Contact customer care via livechat on the website or send a mail to the customer support from the 'contactus' page, including the time of transaction. Once the information reaches iAuctionX team, the issue will be investigated and resolved almost immediately.

To create your password, click on the link again in the confirmation mail sent to you after you registered. Make sure you enter the password and confirm your password correctly. The two must match. The passwords can be any character (digits, numbers, alphanumerics). The passwords should save successfully, after which a link to your profile account will be displayed.

Go to the login section on the navigational menu and click forgot paassword link. Enter your registered email, link will be sent to your box, to reset your password.

Login and go to your profile account. You can make changes to your name and personal details there. But you cannot change your registered email.

Every auction has an expected number of particpiants. Once the auction is closed, an instant computer raffle draw is automatically drawn to select the winner. In a case where the expected number of participants is not reached the winnner takes 70% of the total money for that auction.

Yes! People win lots of money and items after every auction. Visit our instagram page and facebook page , and listen to the testimonies from various winners. iAuctionx is trasparent and equitable. Anybody can be a winner!

Immediately after auctions are drawn, all winners are notified via email and displayed on the winners page of the website along with the prizes won. Big winners are also contacted by iAuctionX team.