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iAuctionX is a betting auction and casino gaming platform where every user has an equal opportunity and chance to win.
We offer the best betting platform experience that allows users to win BIG with just as little as ₦100, ₦200, ₦500 etc. Our automated selection system ensures that winners are randomly generated transparently with the use of a countdown timer. This is a concept supervised by the Lottery Board in Nigeria, that ensures an exciting and profitable realtime casino experience.
To participate, create a free account and fund your wallet for credits to play. Learn how to play! Get the App on Play Store.


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Instant Winning

Casino Games

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Wheel Of Fortune

Instant Winning Game

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  • 1538
  • 5000spins

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Spin & Win

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Live Auctions


  • 1
  • 130 max bids

per bid

N5,000 Naira Cashout

Retail Price: ₦5,000

Draw Time: 25-05-2024 10:02
Time left: 3 Day3 D 4 Hour4 H 50 Minute50 M
Number of Winners:     1    

  • 0
  • 260 max bids

per bid

N10,000 Naira Cashout

Retail Price: ₦10,000

Draw Time: 24-05-2024 10:01
Time left: 2 Day2 D 4 Hour4 H 48 Minute48 M
Number of Winners:     1    

  • 0
  • 325 max bids

per bid

25,000 Naira Cashout

Retail Price: ₦25,000

Draw Time: 26-05-2024 15:14
Time left: 4 Day4 D 10 Hour10 H 2 Minute2 M
Number of Winners:     1    

  • 0
  • 195 max bids

per bid

N15,000 Cash Out

Retail Price: ₦15,000

Draw Time: 28-05-2024 12:36
Time left: 6 Day6 D 7 Hour7 H 23 Minute23 M
Number of Winners:     1    

Live Auctions


48 Carats Gold Auction
  • 1
  • 60500 max bids

Duplex in Lekki, Lagos

Retail Price: ₦55,000,000

Draw Time: 28-05-2024 10:41
Time left: 6 D6 D 5 Hr5 H 29 Min29 M
Number of Winners:     1  
36 Carats Gold Auction
  • 0
  • 6500 max bids

Toyota Corolla for Uber (Used)

Retail Price: ₦2,500,000

Draw Time: 31-05-2024 17:54
Time left: 9 D9 D 12 Hr12 H 41 Min41 M
Number of Winners:     1  
12 Carats Gold Auction
  • 0
  • 715 max bids

Samsung Galaxy A31, 2020

Retail Price: ₦110,000

Draw Time: 27-05-2024 06:01
Time left: 5 D5 D 0 Hr0 H 49 Min49 M
Number of Winners:     1  
12 Carats Gold Auction
  • 0
  • 2600 max bids

N1,000,000 Mega Naira Cashout

Retail Price: ₦1,000,000

Draw Time: 01-06-2024 07:00
Time left: 10 D10 D 1 Hr1 H 47 Min47 M
Number of Winners:     1  

How to Play

Signup for an account!
Register and check your mail to confirm your account and create your password. if you can't find the mail, check spam box also.


Fund your account!
Login to your user account dashboard and deposit money in your wallet. This money becomes your credit for buying raffle tickets and placing bets for casino games.


How to play!
iAuctionX is a raffle lottery and online casino gaming platform where users can bid for auctioned items and win if the raffle draw selects their ticket. In the online casino games users pay, spin and win instantly.
To participate you need to create an account and fund your wallet with credits to bid/play.
Bids are raffle tickets you buy.
'Enter Auction' means to bid for an auction.


Winning rules!
Auction winners are randomly picked by an automated computer system. Casino games are instant winning games.
When the number of needed auction bidders is not reached, the winner of the auction is entitled to 70% of the total money realised.


Claim your prizes!
Auction winner(s) will be displayed and notified by email. A user's winnings can be transferred to his/her registered bank account within 7 days or will be directed to cashout his winnings from his prize wallet.